About Prominent

Prominent Instrumentation and Electrical is a young yet experienced custom instrumentation integration company. With over 50 years of industry knowledge we have completed many projects both domestically and internationally. Our unique strengths in managing logistics and quality integration ensure the lowest overall cost system to the end user. We are a Calgary, Alberta based company with a 5600 ft² facility that is designed to construct full analyzer shelters indoors. Our focus is to work with all customers to engage them with our knowledge and provide solutions to their integration projects.

Projects we have recently completed are analyzer shelters, analyzer panels, sample grabs systems, compressor instrumentation and electrical fabrication, generator sets, purge panels and many others.


Contact Prominent

Randy Nachtigall
Sales - (403)899-5577

Derrick Dion
Sales - (403)478-3232

Mike Dirrane
Fabrication - (403)899-9001